To understand this question let's read these strange but true career facts.


People first finish their journey (education) and then think about destination (career).


Adults are either in the wrong career or under-employed.


School students, when asked about their career choice have "let's see what happens" attitude and most of them are either having unrealistic career ambitions or they follow the crowd


Jobseekers refuse to do training which are linked with jobs. “If I am getting a job then why to go for training?” They prefer to remain unemployed or enrol for training programmes with indirect job assistance.


Post graduates are not able to utilise their investment in education as they fails to understand that degrees lacking employability skills are like a mobile phone without a SIM card.


Parents refuse to give 40 minutes for career planning of their children, making them to suffer and struggle for 40 years in their working lives.

Authentic and impartial guidance at the career building stage has the ability to radically transform the lives of individuals and communities.

Career development needs self awareness, knowledge of occupational trends, authentic education training pathways and an accurate decision-making model.

Remember even a best player requires a coach!

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Open a Career Guidance Centre :: Guide students/parents

"70% people are not utilising their experience, talent and investment in education and prefer to wisely waste the same."

You are proud of your achievements but there is so much more that you want to accomplish. You are full of ideas and have a can-do spirit. You are keen to make a positive difference to the lives of others. You are getting a wonderful, most satisfying opportunity to plan education and training pathways and develop career competencies of students and adults and by guiding others you also help yourself.

Here we are offering a self-employment opportunity and freedom to work on part time basis from your own place and create an additional source of income. Our knowledge royalty programme offers life-time regular earning with one-time study content preparation. Also with team effort you can multiply your income like a business minus any risk, liability or overhead expenses of a business.

  • Graduate/Master's degree holders in any relevant subject + Training & Certification as Career Advisory Professional
  • Small space at home/office with internet connection
  • Ability to build and manage a team of Career Advisors

Anyone, who has a burning desire to guide people and earn good income, for example:

  • Students: cultivate a habit of earning and learning. Shape your career by guiding others;
  • Freshers: get real work experience and money in your wallet, while searching a good job;
  • Working persons: looking for an extra source of income to meet increasing cost of living;
  • Retired: from active service and willing to earn, using acquired expertise and knowledge;
  • Female: at home, eager to be self-reliant using education without hassle of travelling.

We give students leads. You can guide as many students/parents as you want. You get paid even if you provide them free demo tools. All your productive activities and income are updated real-time in your eWallet which is directly transferred in your bank account before 10th of the month. Also, you work in a team and get instant support. Guidance services to students are free of cost but parents have to pay nominal fee for tools as and when required during career development.

Being a valued Career Advisor you are first-line partner in our main activities. You get up to:

  • Rs 50,000 knowledge royalty
  • Rs 24,000 p.m. team incentive,
  • Rs 20 per student, when you give FREE demo tools,
  • 50% of the business done through self and team effort.

A partnership on equal footings and culture to learn, guide and earn. There is no employee-employer relationship between you and the organisation. We expect individuals and teams to set realistic, but challenging goals and work hard to achieve them. Fear, egos and petty politics have no place while working for excellence in career development. We are practical idealist and we adopt:

  1. Team Entrepreneurship: An opportunity to multiply your earnings like a business without any risk, liability or overhead expenses of a business;
  2. Collaboration: An initiative for partnership with educational institutions, volunteer organisation to link career with education;
  3. Performance: An automated system of progression where fast trackers are promoted to upper hierarchy;
  4. Flexibility: A fluid and dynamic business models where we decide our work place and time to keep balance with work and life.
  5. Skills Development: An atmosphere to share, evolve and learn together about clients, competitors, business conditions, and ever-changing technologies.

Doing a full-time job: A regular job gives bread and butter to survive. In a job you have to work FULL-TIME 10-12 hours per day and you get fixed salary. If you want to double your income, you have to work in 2 different companies at the same time, which is not possible.

Part-time self-employment: All the successful business persons work PART-TIME, earn unlimited wealth, live in big & beautiful houses, drive costly cars, fly in aeroplanes, enjoy the luxury of hotels, travel wonderful places around the world and lots more.

The modern mantra is, do a full-time job to earn your living and work part-time to build a fortune.

Earnings with your own effort: You have seen the results of doing hard work alone. How much you can earn in 10 hours? To double or triple your income, you cannot work for 20 to 30 hours per day (we have only 24 hours!) And what if a person get sick, lose job and stop working due to any unforeseen reason, then the income will also stop.

Example: A labourer at a construction site is working hard (doing job) for 8 hours and earning Rs 400 per day, Rs 10,000 per month. If he is not going to work-place one day his income is zero. At the same construction site, there is a contractor (doing business, self-employed) who is managing 40 labourers. He is earning Rs 50 per labourer and Rs 2000 per day, Rs 50,000 per month. If he is not going one day to the work-site, his income is not affected. The contractor works smarter while the labourer works harder.

  • Your income multiplies exponentially as your team grows;
  • You earn attractive income, even if you are not working;
  • Your social circle increases and your reputation spreads far and wide;
  • You have the power of a Team of committed people to support you at every step of your endeavour.
  1. No Risk Opportunity: You are a first line partner in the business without any investment or liability or burden of overhead expenses. You are sharing the profits without any tension of financial loss.
  2. Work from comfort of your home: No tension to commute regularly in dusty traffic or move out in unfavourable weather.
  3. No disturbance to current activities: Do whatever you are doing whole day & night. Just spare 1 hour per day or 6 hours in a week to acquire big fortune.
  4. Shape the destiny of the students and adults: You are getting an amazing opportunity to develop the careers of the brilliant minds from best school in India or abroad; starting from finding their real career ambitions till achievements using most authentic tools & technology provided by the organisation.
  5. >Highly respectable service to society: You are developing human resources of the nation and by guiding others you also help yourself. The positive difference you make to students' lives is more rewarding and satisfying than you could ever imagine.
  6. Ownership of the business: You basically run your own company under our banner and we take care of the support to enable entrepreneurship within you to spread its wings. You can transfer the business in the same condition to your family members.
  7. One-time effort life-time income: Through knowledge royalty, if you are owner of a subject-title, you get lifelong regular income. For example if your study organiser tool is provided to 1000 students per month then your income will be Rs 50,000 per month till lifelong.
  8. Real big source of income: You are earning even if you are providing free demo tools to students. You earn major 75% of income generated. Above all, through team effort you are earning even if you are not working or sleeping or spending time with family or enjoying your vacation.
  9. No harm in trying: Worst to worst, if you are not able to guide students, you lose nothing and if you succeed you are earning lakhs of rupees per month with name and fame.

There are many people who are sceptical to new ideas and adamant not to change their mind-set reasons being:

  • insufficient knowledge about alternate source of income;/li>
  • are stuck to current occupation;
  • lack of will power to do some extra or new work;
  • being wise enough to announce results even before work starts;
  • habitual to live a miserable life;
  • being afraid of failure, therefore, not to even try any work.

Don't repel but attract money. Being satisfied with working in an office is good for survival. But to earn in crores in a legal way, entrepreneurship and teamwork is required. Change your mind to fulfil your dreams into reality.

Don't ignore it. There is no harm in getting information. The moment you'll contact us will open a new chapter of wealth and success in your life – it is sure.

This is not a fly-by-night venture. The innovative career education tools and technology, which we have developed, are results of our continuous research and efforts from last 40 years.

We'll sponsor your training as a Career Advisory Professional and full co-operation to build a team for optimal benefits of your time and efforts.

If you love to guide people and like to work from your own place then this opportunity is for you. Email your latest details to:









Win Scholarships and Prizes. Inspire your path to success!


First prize to winners of the national level CAP-Contest.


Second prize to winner of the national level CAP-Contest

RUPEES 2,000

per month for complete academic session.

RUPEES 1,000

per month for complete academic session.


Rupees 500 CAP-Coupons to all participating students.


All the contestants will get certificate of participation.

Participating in CAP-Contest is totally free. For details please contact to your local Career Advisor.

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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

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