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Instructions to Study Content Writers


Get Knowledge Royalty upto Rs 50,000 p.m.

One-time effort :: Life-time income

“85% people are not utilising their degree and investment in education as they have no idea how to convert their knowledge and skills into money. You may have good knowledge of any subject but if you are not utilising it, gradually it diminishes and get wasted.”

Mystudycolor.com is an eLearning venture of (NICE) National Institute for Career Education, setup and registered in 1988 by Delhi Administration, Govt. of India. NICE has developed authentic, appropriate and effective pedagogical tools, learning management system and career guidance technology.

The opportunity: Use your knowledge to create an additional, regular, lifelong income with one time effort by preparing study contents and working part-time from your place as per your convenience.

Eligibility: UG/Graduate/Postgraduate/Research degree holders with good knowledge in relevant subject. There is no age limit. We entertain freshers also.

Job description: You have to prepare study notes for any academic/competitive/professional exam from KG to PG (school to university level) as per your subject expertise and given format.

Remuneration: Work based (Rs 5/- to Rs 15/- per question) + knowledge royalty @ Rs 50/- per sale of study contents. For example, if we are selling 1000 copies of the subject title in a month then you'll get Rs 50,000/- per month till lifelong as per the terms.

How to start

Step 1-> Decide 2 preferred title (a) Subjects + (b) Class/Exam + (c) Name of the board/university/exam you want to prepare study contents. Then send an eMail to elearn@mystudycolor.com. Our editorial team will search from database and if your choice if available, you’ll get its confirmation, otherwise you have to select another subject + course + board/exam.

Step 2-> After confirmation of the Subject-Title, register your name in NICE’s Writers Panel. For this you have to eMail the following details:

  1. Your updated CV to be published with eLearning title
  2. Agreement letter with consent
  3. Scanned latest photograph
  4. Knowledge Royalty and CMS subscription fee of Rs 3600/- (Three thousand six hundred only). This amount is non-refundable and should be deposited in any branch of Canara Bank a/c no 0390201011463 in the name of "National Institute for Career Education" at "Nehru Place, New Delhi" (for net-banking IFSC Code is: CNRB0000390). Next email the photograph/scanned copy of the deposit/transaction-slip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is knowledge royalty?

Knowledge royalty is an amount you receive regularly in proportion to the sale of the study contents you have prepared. Your study notes are converted into eLearning format and sold to students/users throughout the world. You get an account on the website (integrated with CMS tools) to check the amount generated through sales.

Since how long I will receive the Knowledge Royalty?

You will receive knowledge royalty income till life-long as per the terms of agreement.

How I can trust the sales figure?

The whole marketing process is transparent and online. Your study contents are converted as a very useful tool named “Study Organiser” which is only sold online so you can easily view and keep a track of it. This is updated real-time in your eWallet.

How I will receive the royalty income?

You will get the royalty amount transferred through net-banking in your account between 7th to 10th of every month.

What is Subject-Title?

Subject-title is a unique name based on combination of 4 factors:

Board/University/Exam conducting body:
Medium (English or Hindi or Regional language):

For example Physics + Class XIIth + CBSE + English medium is one title, Economics + Class XIIth + CBSE + Hindi medium is another title. Also Physics + Class XIIth + Rajasthan Board + Hindi medium can be considered as another title, etc.

Why to pay registration amount?

There are three reasons:

Reason 1. -> Earlier registration was free of cost, then lots of people express their willingness to work with us and we use to allot the Subject-Title in a person’s name which is valid for 6 months. After 6 months 19 out of 20 were unable to start or complete the work due to their hundreds of weird personal, family reasons and excuses. We don’t have any right to doubt any one’s sincerity. So we have to keep hold for 6 months that “Subject Title” allotted to a person and eventually due to unfinished work, there was wastage of business time and financial loss to the organisation. But once a person has paid the registration amount s/he thinks ten times before stopping to work.

Reason 2. -> We are selling the eLearning materials online and without having legal security it is impossible to protect our business and financial interests. Copyright registration is costly and you contribute only nominal amount. Further the registration legally safeguards your income and the organisation is bound to pay your royalty amount regularly.

Reason 3. -> To prepare and update the study contents online writers require a Content Management Software (CMS). When we used to give it freely people started uploading irrelevant and garbage data directly in our web server. This causes threat to content quality and serious concern to authenticity of the study materials and eventually putting the whole eLearning infrastructure at stake. To remove the unwanted data, we were forced to have extra manpower so that we could view each and every record, causing unnecessary financial burden to the organisation. To stop the rampant practices, paid subscription of CMS tool is a necessity.

How much is registration amount?

You have to pay Rs 3600/- (Three thousand six hundred only) towards Subject-title agreement + Copyright registration + CMS subscription.

Can I work if I don't want to pay the registration amount?

NO, because without registration we can’t allot a Subject-Title and you’ll not get the Content Management Software, without CMS you are unable to update and manage your study contents online.

Will the eLearning material bear my name?

Yes, the subject-title and eLearning materials bear the name of the content writer which is is prominently displayed on the website + study organiser tool and the students/users can know, interact and communicate with you.

Is there any written agreement?

Yes, you will sign a written agreement and the organisation is bound to pay the remuneration and knowledge royalty amount regularly till lifelong, provided you update and maintain the quality of the study materials.

What is the process to start working?

Simple, finalise the Subject-Title, download the attached files given below and peruse the same, this will help you in the decision making process and if you feel comfortable to work with us then send the agreement file with registration fee and start working from the same day.

1. Instructions to Content Writers

2. Knowledge Royalty Agreement

For any assistance contact

Ms Kavita (9212043626)